Sapori74 Restaurant
New Year’s Eve Party Menu @ £35PP


To share

Garlic pizza bread with tomato.



Parma ham and melon drizzled with local honey.

Homemade meatballs cooked in tomato & mozzarella gratin.


Lobster ravioli cooked in Aurora sauce.

Garlic mushrooms in white wine and cream sauce (v).

Homemade fish cakes served with salad & sweet chilli.



Pollo alla Champagna

Corn-fed chicken breast cooked in champagne sauce with grapes & asparagus


Fish Course

Pan-fried fillet of seabass or grilled salmon steak served on a bed of mixed

leaves & balsamic dressing.

Bistecca al Pepe Nero

Aberdeen Angus Sirloin steak cooked rare, med or well, classic black
peppercorn sauce flamed in brandy, red wine & demi-glace sauce.


Filetto Diana sub £5

Aberdeen Angus 8oz of Fillet steak cooked rare, medium or well with shallots,

wild mushrooms, brandy & demi-glace sauce.


Tortellini della casa

Homemade pasta parcels, stuffed with ricotta & spinach, cooked in pesto,

tomato & baby mozzarella.

Any Pizza from the ALC Menu


Please consult the blackboard on the night.


Classic Italian liquor.

Thank you very much for your all year around support.

Sapori staff wishes you a very Happy New Year.

Tel: 01757 704011

Back Micklegate, Selby, YO8 3GH